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“Grace is everywhere.” - Diary of a Country Priest

In 1996, I encountered GRACE, and I’ve never recovered. This grace wasn’t something I was looking for, but it was looking for me. It found me in a time of great need. A season of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and applause. Grace also found me during a tumultuous time with my family unraveling at the seams.

I wondered if life was worth living. Maybe you can relate?

My life is still one of two steps forward and one step back, hills and valleys, joy and suffering, victory and defeat. But one thing is certain: the gift of grace isn't meant to be cloistered in only religious circles.

The world of grace is for all.

Grace in sunrises and sunsets, Van Gogh paintings, haunting music, a line of poetry leaving you to catch your breath, the laughter of children, and even designing apparel for our customers.

We find grace in various forms, from the beautiful to mundane, sacred and secular, to the horrific and evil of life under the sun.

I believe that grace is more like how Frederick Buechner described it many years ago:

“Grace is something you can never get but can only be given. There's no way to earn it or deserve it or bring it about any more than you can deserve the taste of raspberries and cream or earn good looks or bring about your own birth.

A good sleep is grace and so are good dreams. Most tears are grace. The smell of rain is grace. Somebody loving you is grace. Loving somebody is grace. Have you ever tried to love somebody?

A crucial eccentricity of the Christian faith is the assertion that people are saved by grace. There's nothing you have to do. There's nothing you have to do. There's nothing you have to do.

The grace of God means something like: "Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are, because the party wouldn't have been complete without you. Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid. I am with you. Nothing can ever separate us. It's for you I created the universe. I love you.

There's only one catch. Like any other gift, the gift of grace can be yours only if you'll reach out and take it.

Maybe being able to reach out and take it is a gift too.”

What does this have to do with our apparel company? How does this relate to making custom designs and apparel for our customers?


The grace we see all around us inspires our designs. This grace may appear in the most unlikely places, from pop culture to the pages of the Bible. We might find grace in an uplifting quote, line of poetry, street graffiti on a street sign, or a custom design for a client saying: I love you.

Our company wants to be part of a movement of grace. A movement built on the grace and kindness we’ve seen. A grace-inspired movement showed in how we treat our customers, source materials, do our work, bless our communities, and inspire others to search out the grace that is already here, and has always been.

We hope in a mysterious and imperfect way to embody something like:

Here is your life… Here is the world… Beautiful and terrible things will happen… Don’t be afraid… I am with you… I love you. Now go and make beautiful things with your art and life. 

Our Name and Logo
What’s with our name and logo? Glad you asked. Graceology is a play on words. Grace is the more obvious part, but “ology” is meant to take things further.
Here’s the basic definition:
ol·o·gy/ˈäləjē/a subject of study; a branch of knowledge

We want to be students of grace. Like any subject of study, it requires attention, work, and focus.

If grace is everywhere… we have to work hard to pay attention. We have to become graceologists. And we believe the more grace we encounter the better it will be for us, our company, clients, and world.

The World

Many of our designs and logos use some portion or metaphor of the “world.” This is intentional. We believe grace is for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, or how far we’ve strayed.

The world is the canvas we receive and extend grace to others. We find grace in every corner of society, culture, and in every city, town, and village. Nobody can escape the world of grace. We just need the grace to reach out and take it.

We’ve all wandered in some fashion. We've all put our heads down a time or two and missed the grace all around. The good news is grace if for prodigals, and we're all welcome. 

If you wear one of our grace-inspired shirts, or we print a custom order for yourself, company, business, or church... we say thanks in advance, and welcome to the movement of grace!

-Ryan (owner) 



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